Our Focus

I-HART responds to the growing health care challenges around the world with a special focus on emerging markets, transitional economies and rapidly developing states. We offer customized services to respond to strategic challenges, technical problems, data needs, and evidence generation for quality improvement or health care reform.


Value Proposition

Our programs and services are value and outcomes driven. A wide variety of clients in the healthcare sector including academic health centers, hospitals, clinics/polyclinics, pharmaceutical companies, consultancy firms, medical schools/colleges, governments and non-governmental organizations can P R O F I T from our novel and visionary solutions.

Our services are:



Our Solutions Development Methodology

  1. Discovery – A detailed analysis of the current state that considers each system fail point from a patient, process and provider perspective
  2. Solutions Development – Design of innovative solutions that address whole system issues and are able to deliver sustainable, measurable outcomes for care and care delivery
  3. Implementation – Applying the art and science of implementation theory that considers the impact of change on patients, process and providers
  4. Post Implementation and Sustainability– Measuring and evaluating the true impact of the interventions scientifically with the aim of sharing solutions that improve health and health outcomes, locally, nationally and to the wider region

The Team: Experts in their fields

High level expertise and over 75 years of combined technical experience represent the principals in I-HART. We have experience working in over 30 countries and represent leadership in high performing health care systems across the globe. We have experience in education, research, healthcare delivery, global health, program development and corporate leadership and governance. We have worked in developing, managing, evaluating and operating health, healthcare and educational programs. We have provided support and consultative services to governments, non-governmental organizations, professional societies and other organizations. Our affiliated network of consultants spans a wide array of technical expertise and global diversity – available to assist at any time.

Our programs and solutions are evidence-based, goal-oriented, results-driven and customized to our partners’ needs. We do not believe in transporting solutions from one setting to another (the copy-paste solutions); rather, we evaluate each system individually in close association with our partner and tailor our solutions to the unique needs and settings of our partners.


Fauzia Anjum Vohra

Managing Director

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Fauzia Anjum Vohra

Managing Director

Fauzia Vohra’s extensive management career includes successfully setting up and managing large businesses and teams globally. She has handled business portfolios in excess of USD 3 Billion covering Government, Quasi-Government, Public and Private entities. Ms. Vohra has previously facilitated capital raising for establishment and expansion of hospitals and healthcare related corporations in the Middle East and Asia. She has led large capital market transactions not only in the west but also in emerging markets including Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Turkey. Ms. Vohra has previously worked at General Electric (GE), one of the world’s leading companies in industrial and healthcare equipment. Her management expertise spans Business Development, Capital Markets, Strategy, Financial Planning, Quality Improvement and Product Management. As a Six Sigma Black Belt at GE, she led several key operational efficiency projects resulting in significant cost savings and increased revenue streams.

Ms. Vohra holds a Master’s degree in Finance from the prestigious Monash University in Australia. In addition, she holds a Graduate Diploma in Corporate Treasury from the Finance and Treasury Association of Australia. Ms. Vohra is also Six Sigma certified from GE. She is a member of the American Women’s Association and is actively involved in community and social development.

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