Upgrading Post Graduate Training Programs

Post graduate training programs, including residency and fellowship training, are at the core of producing a competent medical workforce for the organization, community and country. While many excellent programs exist in various countries, and many are accredited or recognized by local accreditation and certifying bodies, numerous academic institutions lack formal structured training programs.

In the US and several Western countries, structured postgraduate training programs are mandatory for training physicians and eventually certifying them in their specialty and subspecialty. Each program has clearly defined goals, curriculum, milestones, competencies and monitoring systems. Such structured programs ensure that all graduates of such training programs acquire at least the minimum training and competency to practice in their chosen field.


With our extensive experience in developing and leading such programs in the US and providing consultations in other countries, we propose to help develop a world-class postgraduate training program. We will work closely with the leaders and faculty on the ground to identify needs and gaps, and based on your recommendations and our joint analysis, chose a specialty to pilot this program. The ultimate goal of this work stream is to design and implement a postgraduate training program (residency program) which will be at par with any program in the US and able to secure accreditation from Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education International (ACGME-I) or a similar organization of your choosing. Future programs can be added based on the need and desire of the organization.

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