CME/CPD Conferences

Medicine is a profession with life-long learning. The importance of updating physician knowledge on a regular basis is well known and universally agreed upon. Licensing authorities in most countries require physicians and other healthcare professionals to attend a minimum number of CME/CPD hours annually to obtain and renew license to practice lawfully.

We have designed, planned and delivered large CME and CPD conferences around the globe. These conferences have attracted up to 4,000 attendees. The scope of our conferences has included updates in medical education, practice of medicine, quality improvement, patient safety, global health and curriculum reforms. The conferences organized by us have been officially endorsed and/or accredited by prestigious organizations like the American College of Physicians, Health Authority of Abu Dhabi and Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.

We provide complete solutions for CME/CPD conferences in consultation with the hosting organization and keeping their needs and goals in mind. Programs are jointly developed with input and approval from the hosting organization. The scope of our work spans from needs assessment, learning objectives identification, curriculum development, faculty identification and invitation, program delivery and post-program evaluations. We can obtain all necessary and required accreditations on behalf of the host organization to suit their unique needs.


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