Health Executives Academy for Leadership Support (HEALS) – a joint partnership with AAH LLC

HEALS provides an innovative and strategic training course for senior health care professionals and managers to enable them to lead hospitals, health care systems and medical organizations in the 21st century. The curriculum focuses on the needs of senior-most healthcare leaders emerging and developing markets to help achieve transformation of hospitals and healthcare organizations to the level of best systems in North America. The curriculum is tailored for the participants and integrated modifications are made to the core curriculum according to the special experiences of American healthcare systems, hospitals and medical groups and non-profitable organizations, for the purpose of training modern hospital presidents, chief executive officers and other C-suite executives as well as clinical department chairs and directors.

Each course is customized and tailored to the needs of attendees and their organizations, with special consideration to their local, regional and national needs and capabilities. Executives and organizations have the option of choosing a course in North America or their home country. Each course is 2-4 weeks in duration, based on mutually identified needs and goals.


Intended audience:

  1. Presidents, Chief Executive Officers, other C-suite executives and senior administrative personnel from across healthcare systems and hospitals
  2. Department directors of large-scale hospitals with development potential and self-development willingness
  3. Other senior key staff in medical colleges, e.g. division heads, institute directors, etc.
  4. Investors in medical and health industry
  5. Medical insurance professionals in commercial insurance institutions


Training locations:

  1. Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan areas, USA
  2. Other training sites in the US customized to special persons and group upon mutual agreement
  3. Participants’ home country

For the US based courses, access to world class hospitals and site visits are integrated into the schedule. For courses based in the home country of participating organization, we will arrange discovery and solutions development visits within their organization and other organization based upon mutual agreements.


Teaching modes:

Combination of class-room teaching, lectures, seminars, workshops, on-site investigation and observation, meet-the-expert sessions, and specialized exchanges


Proposed Training Curriculum:

The proposed curriculum will cover key concepts, knowledge, skills and experiences needed to manage and lead modern hospitals in the 21st century. These will include modules on the following types of issues:

  • Leadership traits
  • Clinical service development
  • Hospital operations forecasting
  • Reimbursement models
  • Hospital operation management and strategies
  • Hospital supply chain management
  • Hospital human resource management
  • Hospital brand strategies
  • Hospital and social public welfare
  • Managing Quality of Care
  • Patient Safety
  • Physician staffing models and engagement
  • Case studies

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