Research Infrastructure and Governance

Innovation is at the heart of progress in any field. In Medicine, research drives our understanding of the cause and effect of disease, helps develop and test interventions and measures outcomes. Biomedical research, particularly human subjects research, is an increasingly complex and highly regulated field. Protecting human volunteers is paramount, balancing it with the need to generate new knowledge. The success of an institution, organization or indeed a country can be measured by the amount of new knowledge generated through original research. However, research is not recognized by leading authorities, and may even jeopardize individuals and institutions if proper regulatory procedures are not diligently followed.

Clinical research is a wide subject which encompasses multiple disciplines. Each type has its own methodology, scope and answers specific questions. There is some overlap, which complements various disciplines within the field.


Lead consultants in our team have contributed over 500 original research papers in international peer reviewed journals with high impact. They have consulted with governments, academic institutions and independent foundations and have helped train and set up biomedical research infrastructure across the globe. We can help develop framework for human subject research, including developing policies and procedures which are consistent with the highest global standards. We can also help develop organizational and governance structures to conduct and monitor human subjects research. In addition, we can train the local workforce in all aspects of human subjects research, ranging from hypothesis development, research methodology, cohort development, creating large national datasets, and conducting clinical trials. We can also help develop and train the regulatory workforce, e.g. Institutional Review Boards, Data Safety and Monitoring Boards, and Adverse Events Monitoring Systems.

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